Puzzling DNA: European with Trace Amounts of Asian

It's not uncommon for a DNA ethnicity test to come back with a surprise. However, I might have underestimated how surprising my mom's results were. It's been about nine months since my mom's Ancestry DNA test results came back. I highly recommend the test, by the way. I have found so many cousins, along with … Continue reading Puzzling DNA: European with Trace Amounts of Asian

Edward A. Russell Disappeared During the Civil War

Edward A. Russell, my fourth great-grandfather, lived only a couple of years after he turned 30. He is a Civil War veteran, who probably died around the end of the war. I have discovered some more information about Edward, that goes against what is commonly on family trees. Edward's parents were Sarah Shaw and Peyton … Continue reading Edward A. Russell Disappeared During the Civil War

Josiah Watson & Martha McCormack

Martha and Josiah Watson were likely my fifth great-grandparents. I say "likely", because it's one of those cases where there is only circumstantial evidence. There are family trees that list them as the parents of Tarlton / Talton Watson, my fourth ¬†great-grandfather. They were also neighbors in Montgomery County, Tennessee. (See 1841 enumeration below.) In … Continue reading Josiah Watson & Martha McCormack

Who Was Thomas James Dennis?

Did my great-great-grandfather have a brother named Thomas? That question started this quest. I don't know who the parents are of my great-great-grandfather, Edward Whitfield "Whit" Dennis. Through DNA testing, I do know he is related to the Dennis family who raised him. Whether his mother was unwed Narcissa Dennis or one of her brothers, … Continue reading Who Was Thomas James Dennis?


I get easily attached to ancestors I research. I want to know more than just their names, dates, and places. I want to know their story; I want to know THEM! My great-great-grandmother, Martha "Lena" Fulghum Tidwell, was someone I longed to know more about. Although I will never have her full story, I did … Continue reading Lena