Have you visited FindAGrave.com? It’s a FREE cemetery records database with cemeteries from all over the world. I love the concept of having a lasting memorial online for your loved one.

You can search by cemetery or by name. There is a chance that your loved one or ancestor already has a listing on the site (duplicate listings aren’t allowed). If someone else has already built a memorial, you can always add pictures, update their name/date of birth/etc., add a bio, or “family links”. Family links allow you to link to a memorial of that person’s spouse, parents, or children.

If your family member doesn’t have a memorial, you can create one. I encourage you to add a photo of their grave stone and a photo of that person as well.

I have been working to photograph the grave stones of family members and add them to the site. Often times I photograph grave stones around those of my family members, and I add complete strangers to the database as well. You can see my contributions here.

I recently visited Spring Hill Cemetery in Madison (Nashville), Tennessee. I was searching for the grave of my great uncle, James McArthur Carrell, who passed away at the age of one in 1943. He was buried in an area of the cemetery that has many child graves. It broke my heart looking at rows and rows of children buried in order of their deaths, many without any grave marker at all. I photographed a few, and added the photos to existing FindAGrave pages and even started a few new ones. I also unexpectedly fulfilled two “photo requests”. The site allows people to request photos of graves in cemeteries that they can’t physically visit to photograph. “Volunteers” (people like you and me) visit cemeteries and fulfill photo requests.

I enjoying contributing to FindAGrave. Whether you use it to find a relative’s final resting place, or you want to add cemetery data and photographs of grave stones, I think it’s worth checking out.

*This post is not sponsored. I just enjoy the website and think it’s useful to researchers and a nice way to remember those who have passed away.


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