Back row– Martha Ada Boyd Dial, Vernon Dial (Gist), Roberta Birdie Dial (Liles), Edith Elizabeth Dial Canerday Front row – William Pink Dial, John Wesley Dial, Reba Dial, Rebecca “Becky Ann” Dial, Lema Dial, John Curtis Canerday

I have been trying to my third great-grandmother’s maiden name and parents for years. I hope one day I can figure out more about where she came from and her family.

Rebecca Ann Dial went by Becky Ann. She was born in Tennessee on January 1, 1851. On July 29, 1873, she married William Dial in Lauderdale, Alabama. This is the first clear record we can link to Rebecca. However, her last name is listed as “Hendrick”. I don’t know if this was an transcription error, because I haven’t been able to access the original document.

In 1880, she’s living in Lauderdale County with her husband and children. In 1900, she’s still with William and their children in Lauderdale – Green Hill, to be specific.

Becky Ann passed away January 9, 1906 and is buried in Milner’s Chapel Cemetery, also known as  Emmaline Stutts Cemetery.

Death Notice in the Florence Herald, Friday, Jan. 26, 1906, p. 6.
We are sorry to report the death of Mrs. Becky Ann Dial, who died at her home last week. She left a host of near relatives and friends to mourn her departure. A good woman has gone to her reward. Peace to her ashes. She is waiting for you, dear children, at the golden gate.

Children of Becky Ann and William Dial: 
Edith Elizabeth Eddie Dial 1873–1906
John Wesley Dial 1875–1950
Annie Dial 1877–
William Pink Dial 1878–1948
Roberta Birdie Dial 1880–1955
Vernon Mary Dial 1885–1960
Nannie Willie Dial 1887–1938
Lema Dial 1891–1915
Reba Elizabeth Dial 1893–1975

To find clues about her maiden name, I have also searched her children’s death certificates and social security applications.

  • John Wesley Dial: lists mother as Beck A Hardin (Social Security Applications & Claims Index)
  • William Pink Dial: lists mother as Bickie Harden (Alabama Deaths & Burials Index)
  • Birdie Dial Liles: lists mother as Rebecca Carter (Alabama Deaths & Burials Index) *Note: father incorrectly listed as “John Dial”
  • Vernon Dial Gist: lists mother as Rebecca Ann Cockran (Alabama Deaths & Burials Index)
  • Nannie Willie Dial Hamm: lists mother as Becky Ann Cocbran (Alabama Deaths & Burials Index)

If you’re not keeping score, here’s the tally:

Hendrick (1)
Hardin (2) [or Harden]
Carter (1)
Cockran (2)

Does anyone know Becky Ann’s real last name and parents? Email me at downhomegenealogy@gmail.com.

Back row – Martha Ada Boyd Dial, Vernon Dial Gist, John Curtis Canerday, Edith Elizabeth Dial Canerday, Ethel Camper Dial, Roberta Birdie Dial Liles Middle – Reba Dial Davis and Lema Dial Camper. Front row – John Wesley Dial, Jim Gist, Rebecca “Becky Ann” Dial, William Pink Dial, Newton Lindsey Liles

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